“It was helpful to see that the majority of the people in the industry feel the same negative impacts the job may impose and provided us with strategies to deal with it to maintain a healthy happy mindset and lifestyle.

Loved to hear the views, stories and opinions of the speakers and I think everyone there would have gained something from hearing them out

Emily Unkles, Elite London


“The be well collective was a fantastic event that was really informative and helpful for personal wellbeing in terms of stress and sleep management, diet and healthy exercise for maintaining a good state of mind and body- especially for castings and fashion week!

Mia wells, phoenix


“Today's event was amazing! The breakfast and juices were so tasty and gave us lots of ideas for healthy breakfasts that we can make easily at home!

The guest panel was definitely my favourite part - it was so nice to learn about the importance of sleep, de-stressing, nutrition and exercise - and hearing everybody's experiences made it so much more personal. Definitely a great way to kick off Fashion week!”

Izabelle, Elite London

image (1).png

“Thank you so much for organising today it was so good especially as I’m new and this will be my first fashion week, I feel so much more prepared.

Ella, Squad Model Management


“They gave us so many tips to sleep well, I think I'm going to try those tips. Also they told us tips for the Fashion week, as we're going to have so many castings, we have to rest, and they told us we can meditate while waiting for the casting, that could help us to release stress, I think that's important so thank u so much!!

I really enjoyed it and I learned so many things! Also they gave us one bag with so many things, it's amazing.

Andrea, Elite London


“As an owner of a growing Agency, it has been my ethos to maintain and support my models on their journey in what can often be an extremely cutting Industry so I cannot express to you how much I value the support and feel so grateful my girls are exposed and welcomed into such an inspirational and soul nourishing community. I have said this previously but the world needs more of you Sarah, I look forward to see what the Be Well Collective does next!

Laura, Director at Phoenix


“I thought it was a brilliant idea ahead of such a busy period to help the girls cope with fashion week stress. Each member of the panel contributed with valuable information and tips.

Jose, Agent at Viva


“I’ve so enjoyed being a part of the Be Well Collective from the outset. The world of modelling is demanding - very young people, working long hours, travelling away from home and dealing with the up’s and down’s of getting work (or not). The Be Well Collective is filling an important gap by bringing knowledge and practical tools to help them stay well and balanced.

Jillian Lavender, London Meditation Centre & Panelist