5 Nutritionist-Approved Tips to Get You Through Stressful Times

BY Amy Lawrenson for Byrdie


Model Sarah Macklin could have gone down the Insta-nutritionist route, but instead, she chose to spend five years training to be a qualified nutritionist alongside her day job. She says that when she's not at photo shoots, she works out of a clinic on Harley Street.

What inspired Macklin to train as a nutritionist was that she could see firsthand how models weren't looking after themselves and weren't necessarily being cared for by the agencies that employed them. To coincide with London Fashion Week, she has launched the Be Well Collective, an initiative to promote and provide physical and mental support during fashion month.

“That's when I realised that The Be Well Collective can relate to everyone.”

Sarah Ann Macklin, Founder

Macklin held an event where over 100 models and their agents pitched up to learn about how to take care of themselves. What she realised from the event was that while it helped the models, the agents found the advice incredibly useful too. 

She has shared five tips from the event that everyone who leads a busy life can benefit from. They're not faddy, either—they're sensible pieces of good advice that we could all benefit from.

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