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5 Books for your Brain on World Mental Health Day

Over at the Be Well Collective, mental health is every bit as important as physical health. To celebrate World Mental Health Day, here are five books that we love to nourish this most incredible organ: our brain. We hope you enjoy dipping into these reads via kindle, audiobook or old-school paper: whatever floats your boat!

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To get a fascinating look inside a therapist’s brain:

Why read it: 

Firstly it’s fascinating. Secondly it’s hilarious. After a bad break-up, all her training goes out the window and she suffers exactly the same neuroses and blind spots as the rest of us! The book switches between Lori’s own patients (you will fall in love with all of these beautiful, flawed humans and their heartbreaking stories) and her experience with her own therapist as she heals. There’s so much good stuff in here about how our minds work and why therapy is so valuable for anyone.

Our favourite quote: 

“One of the most important steps in therapy is helping people take responsibility for their current predicaments, because once they realize that they can (and must) construct their own lives, they’re free to generate change. Often, though, people carry around the belief that the majority of their problems are circumstantial or situational – which is to say, external.”

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To re-wire your brain:

Why read it: 

Dr Dispenza shows us that we can completely change our brains at any time in our lives, erasing old thought patterns and transforming our habits and personality traits. And when you change your brain … you change your life. This is the Law of Attraction meets quantum physics meets neuroscience … but it’s written in plain English and leaves you with the most exciting feeling that you can manifest whatever you want in your life. 

Our favourite quote:

“I know that it’s frustrating when life seems to produce an endless succession of minor variations on the same negative outcomes. But as long as you stay the same person, as long as your electromagnetic signature remains the same, you can’t expect a new outcome. To change your life is to change your energy—to make an elemental change in your mind and emotions.”

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To nourish your brain:

Why read it:

Like every other cell in our body, our brain-cells depend on tiny powerhouses, their mitochondria, to supply energy to the body. Headstrong is really a book about how to nurse our mitochondria back to optimum health, though Dave (founder of Bulletproof coffee) is mainly focused on the brain. His theory: that the slow brain degradation we see into old age is NOT a symptom of aging but of unhealthy mitochondria. He lays out how to rebuild your cellular health. This book is for you if your ‘normal’ is fatigue and brain-fog and yet you have the feeling that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Our favourite quote:

“Before I learned that it was possible to increase my brain energy, I thought it was normal to get really pissed off in rush hour traffic, to wake up feeling exhausted after a full night’s sleep, to get snippy with the people around me in the late afternoon, to crave sweets after a meal …, to sometimes lose my train of thought midsentence, or to walk into a room and forget why I’d gone there in the first place.” Sound familiar?!

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To quieten your brain (and demystify meditation):

Why read it:

The main reason most of us give up on meditation is because we feel like we’re not doing it ‘properly’. Emily removes all the reasons that make us feel like we’ve ‘failed’ at meditation. She is immensely practical, compassionate and no-nonsense. The Z-Technique that she teaches in the book is a super-straightforward, 15 minute practice to do twice a day wherever you are.

Our favourite quote:

“The mind thinks involuntarily, just like the heart beats involuntarily.” Hopefully this should remove all the guilt and frustration we feel when we can’t somehow ‘turn off’ our constant inner chatter during meditation! 

Code of your mind.jpg

To codify your brain for a radical new life:

Why read it: 

I love this book and have read it so many times! Vishen uses the logic of computer science to set out a framework for changing your life by ditching your old (often unconscious) limiting beliefs, encoding a new model of reality (think of this as your operating system) and implementing new systems for living (your software). He proposes ‘conscious engineering’ which is literally engineering our reality rather than passively accepting it. 

Our favourite quote:

“When you replace disempowering models of reality with empowering ones, tremendous changes can occur in your life at a very rapid pace.”


Sara is an entrepreneur and lifelong bookworm on a journey to wake up and live as consciously as possible. She loves to consume information, join the dots, and share her learnings. You can read her blog at