Meet ‘The Jamie Oliver of the Modelling World’ Who’s Blowing the Lid on Nutritional Myths

BY Marie Claire

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Not content on re-educating models on nutrition with her 'Be Well Collective' Sarah Ann is coming for you... 

After an impressive modelling career that has included shoots for Japanese Vogue and walking the runway for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Sarah Ann Macklin has hit the books, and trained as a nutritionist.

Now after years spent in sharing model houses filled with multi-cultural anxiety and late night fashion week fittings Sarah Ann wants to re-educate models in how nutrition can affect one’s wellbeing. Her initiative entitled the Be Well Collective – now in it’s second season – has set out to educate, support and provide models with the tools to withstand the pressures the fashion industry and fashion week puts on their bodies.

After a series of talks at her model agency, Select Model Management Sarah has even taken over the agency’s vending machine to provide the girls with the right food to combat against everything modeling throws at them.

Her wellbeing advice doesn’t apply to models only – oh no! Sarah Ann’s tips apply to anyone with a busy life and who is desperate to live a healthy lifestyle– the right way. Here Sarah talks you through some of the nutritional fads that aren’t even worth your time, and offers her pearls of nutritional wisdom. This girl is a bonafide genius so take serious notes…

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