Meet the Experts


We work with a variety of experts covering nutrition, sleep, psychology, meditation, stress and personal training. The Be Well Collective is a charitable initiative that aims to bring nutritional education and mental health coaching to the world of fashion models.



 Luke Worthington

Fitness Expert


Strength and Conditioning consultant for England Legends football. Luke Worthington has a background in professional and international level sport, having played professional rugby league and union in the premier league – and is a former world endurance record holder.

Luke Worthington Head shot.jpg

At the forefront of the development of Postural Restoration science in the UK, which considers the interaction between biomechanics, neurology, psychology and emotional wellbeing. Over 20 years experience within the health and fitness industry, presents seminars in the UK and the USA to audiences of personal trainers looking for educational development, as well as discussion panels for consumer audiences. Luke has trained clients including Winnie Harlow, Sabrina Elba, Maria Borges, Robbie Fowler, Mesut Ozil, Danny Cipriani and Forest Whitaker.

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Peter Cobby

Fitness Expert


Peter Cobby is a personal fitness coach helping talent from the fashion, film and music worlds get clearer and more focused on their body goals

With over 20 years experience in the fitness world helping people from all walks, he is a leading expert in what it takes to get results that work for your body.


He is the go-to trainer for many of London’s top talent agencies for when they need their talent to be “camera ready” and his approach has seen his clients grace the cover of Vogue, walk the major fashion shows of Paris, London and New York and feature in campaigns around the world.

His mission is to help young people realise that by looking after their body, they will become more confident, have better self-respect and be able to perform better at their work.

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 Dr Nerina Ramlakan

Physiologist, Sleep & Energy expert


Nerina Ramlakhan PhD is a physiologist who has specialised in maximising individual and organisational performance for over two decades.  After completing her post-doctoral training and research into the effects of lifestyle interventions on the alleviation of mental disorders, she spent five years in corporate health screening before studying organisational psychiatry and psychology at Guys Hospital and beginning organisational consultancy, workshop facilitation and coaching.  For over a decade she worked with the Nightingale Psychiatric Hospital in London on their sleep, energy & physical health programmes that are designed to support mental wellbeing.  


As the original founder of BUPA’s Corporate Wellbeing Solutions, she is a regular speaker at many City groups.  In April 2000, she set up her own consultancy and has worked in various industries including sport (Chelsea Football Club), legal, insurance, accountancy, management consultancy, various sections of the police services, media, investment banking, telecommunications, healthcare and pharmaceutical, oil, TV, defence, engineering and IT.  


Nerina’s work with individuals and organisations includes motivational and leadership programmes at Ashridge Business School, Wellness and Energy programmes, return to work coaching following long-term sickness absence and burnout prevention.   She also runs regular sleep/energy workshops for women recovering from cancer at the Haven Centre in Fulham.

Nerina’s work is featured regularly in the media - The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sunday Express, The Guardian, New Scientist, The Evening Standard, The London Paper, Woman & Home, Healthy Living, Red and Psychologies Magazines.  She has talked about power napping on the Radio 2 Chris Evans show and has appeared on GMTV, CNN and more recently, SKY NEWS talking about technology addiction. She recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning show teaching the nation how to sleep peacefully.   Nerina is the sleep advisor to the Silent Night bed company and Melia Hotels and Resorts.

Nerina uses her academic background in physiology, philosophy and psychology to guide her teaching, but her approach is highly practical.  She has a strong belief that everyone can live a healthy and more fulfilling life by tapping into and nurturing their deepest inner resources – even in these hectic, technologically driven times that we live in.  Her work, both with individuals and organisations, is dedicated to helping people to create greater balance, vitality, meaning and peace.

On a personal level, Nerina has a 14yr old daughter and in her spare time climbs, runs and practises yoga and meditation. Her bestselling second book, Fast Asleep Wide Awake was released in August 2016 and is now widely available in bookstores and Amazon. Her third book The Little Book of Sleep: The Art of Natural Sleep was released in September 2018. She is currently working on her fourth book.

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Jillian Lavender

Vedic Wellness and Meditation expert

London MEditation Centre


Jillian Lavender has been teaching people to meditate since 2003. She co-directs London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center with her partner, Michael Miller, from their base in London. Through teaching Vedic Meditation, the world’s most ancient form of meditation, Jillian has helped thousands of people across the globe to transform their lives. 


Alongside teaching meditation, Jillian is also an expert in Ayurveda and consults on health, diet, sleep, fertility and lifestyle. She delivers this ancient knowledge in an accessible and practical way for modern life.


Originally from New Zealand, Jillian held senior business roles in Sydney, Paris and New York. During this demanding time leading global publishing companies, Jillian learned Vedic Meditation. The improvements to her life were immediate. Her stress levels began to dissolve and the fatigue began to subside. When life brought her to London, Jillian took some time to review where she was with everything. She quit the big job, and headed for the US, and then to India, where she trained with her teacher, world-renowned Thom Knoles, to become a meditation teacher.

Jillian has been featured in various publications including The FT, Guardian, The Telegraph, i-D magazine,, Net-a-Porter’s The Edit and on BBC Radio 2. She is also a contributor to Huffington Post and Get the Gloss.

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Renee McGregor

BSc (hons) PGDIP (DIET) PGCERT(sportsnutr) RD SENr

Renee McGregor .JPG

Renee McGregor is a leading Sports and Eating disorder specialist dietitian with 20 years experience working in clinical and performance nutrition, with Olympic (London, 2012), Paralympic (Rio, 2016) and Commonwealth (Queensland, 2018) teams.

She works with individuals, athletes of all levels and ages, coaches and sports science teams to provide nutritional strategies to enhance sport performance, manage eating disorders and over training.


Renee is presently working with a number of national governing bodies, including Scottish Gymnastics, Scottish Ballet and The GB 24 hour Running squad. She is regularly asked to work directly with National Governing Bodies and institutes, high performing and professional athletes that have developed a dysfunctional relationship with food that is impacting their performance, health and career. 

Renee is the best-selling author of Training Food, Fast Fuel books. and Orthorexia, When Healthy Eating Goes Bad. She is the co- founder of  #TRAINBRAVE a campaign raising the awareness of eating disorders in sport and dance; providing resources and practical strategies to reduce the prevalence. 

She is on the REDS advisory board for BASES (The British Association of Sport and Exercise Science) and I sit on the International Task Force for Orthorexia. Renee has been invited to speak at several high profile events including The European Eating Disorder Society Annual Conference as the UK expert in Orthorexia, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, The Stylist Show and Google. 

Renee writes for many national publications and is often asked to comment in the national press. Regularly contributing to radio and TV, including News night, BBC 5 Live and Radio 4.

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 Michelle McKenzie



Michelle McKenzie studied Human Nutrition (BSc) at the London Metropolitan University and graduated with a first class honours degree. She was also awarded the Dietetics, Food and Nutrition prize by the university in recognition of her academic achievements. Michelle is a registered associate nutritionist accredited with the Association for Nutrition and provides evidence based consultations for a wide variety of clients from her clinics in both London and Hastings.


Michelle’s journey into the world of nutrition began in 2009 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease. After following the recommended dietary advice for diabetics, it quickly became apparent that the advice given conflicts with what diabetes actually is - carbohydrate intolerance. After 10 years of working in the music industry, she went back to university to learn everything she could about nutrition, metabolism and diabetes. In 2016 an abstract of her research on low carbohydrate diets and diabetes was published by Cambridge Journals and she was invited to present her findings at the Royal Society of Medicine as part of the Nutrition Society’s Annual Winter Conference. Her research has attracted a lot of attention and has played a part in the growing consensus of how the current diabetic guidelines need to be urgently reformed. 

Michelle’s on a mission to educate everyone on what a healthy diet actually looks like. “The secret to healthy eating is no secret at all. Fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. It’s good for you, it’s good for your family and it’s good for the planet.” 

Her love of research means that she keeps up to date with the ever changing world of health and nutrition. “In an age when it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, I’m here to help navigate you through any confusion and show you how to make the right dietary choices. Sharing a meal with friends and family is one of the greatest pleasures in life, it should be an enjoyable experience without the need to count calories. I don’t believe in following the latest fad diet or any diet for that matter. I promote real food, fat and all.” 

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Read Michelle’s article on Medicinal Mushrooms here.



Helen-Jane Ridgeway

Mental Health


Helen-Jane holds an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy and is a UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist & Supervisor, a fully accredited / certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist (specialising in working with trauma), Coach, Consultant and Supervisor, EFT practitioner, a body worker, Movement Innovator, TV & Radio Presenter / Speaker, Choreographer, Breath~Body~Mind Trainer and Documentary Film maker. She is a Tamalpa Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapist & Educator. 


With over twenty years of experience in the field of mental health and wellbeing, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and consultancy within a variety of settings; alcohol & addictions psychotherapist, college counsellor, private practice, organisational workplace counselling, G.P liaison counsellor, youth counsellor and personal development group facilitator and group analyst.

Helen-Jane was employed as clinical supervisor and training development officer for City and Hackney Alcohol Service, as well as the clinical manager of an abstinence day programme and a 12 step programme. She has vast experience in working with Eating issues, mental health, body image and PTSD.  

She has been employed as a lecturer, trainer, supervisor & workshop facilitator for counselling, psychotherapy & coaching students at various institutes – such as Metanoia Institute, Regents College, Holloway University, Matrix College, and Tamalpa Institute UK. 

Helen-Jane is a member of the examination board for Integrative MSc Viva’s at Metanoia Institute, part of the assessment team and a Primary Tutor on the MSc Integrative Psychotherapy Programme and guest trainer for the MA in Psychological Life Coaching Programme. Previously she was the clinical supervisor for BUPA Psychological Services and for the Post Adoption Centre for a number of years. 

She is the Assistant Director of Tamalpa-UK (UK branch of Tamalpa Institute USA) Managing Director of ‘Phoenix Lifeskills Ltd’ an organisation providing consultancy & in-house trainings for organisations, companies & training providers. Also the co-founder and co-director of ‘Coaching with the Body in Mind’ offering trainings in a body–focused & mindfulness based approach to coaching.  She has worked closely with the UK Education Authority on developing and facilitating courses offering emotional and psychological support for young people who are at risk and unable to benefit from the traditional education system. 

Helen-Jane developed, set up and facilitated a project using Tamalpa Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy called - ‘Art as Refuge’ in Athens, Greece, working with displaced populations, refugees and the volunteers who are supporting them. She is due to return to Athens to continue this work, as well as setting up other projects working with displaced adults and children using the Tamalpa Movement based Expressive Arts Process. She specialises in working with Trauma and is currently developing research using Tamalpa Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy (Tamalpa Life/Art Process – TLAP) to transform trauma and re-wire the autonomic nervous system towards health and authentic flourishing. Her passion is exploring the healing potential of dance, movement and the arts and supporting individuals, groups and communities to find alchemical transformations and sustainable change, true nature and freedom. She is also committed to offering support for sustainability & wellbeing within the field of the Performing Arts and has offered consultation for actors, dancers, models and the agencies who represent within the field. It is a personal intention to raise awareness around self-care and wellbeing for those who work within the Modelling & Entertainment industry.



 Terrence the Teacher

Mental Health


Terrence the Teacher is a Mindfulness Expert and Clinic Hypnotherapist based at The Wellness Clinic in Harrods.


With all his experience in the fashion and beauty industry including an understanding that mindfulness has to fit into people's busy lifestyles, Terrence brings a simplicity to the practice.


He sees clients one on one, working with beauty brands like Aromatherapy Associates as a Wellbeing Expert and has just been appointed as an in house Wellbeing Consultant for the Beauty and Fashion PR company, The Communication Store.

Fashion designers like Christian Louboutin and Roland Mourett have made use of his talents, plus he has just been appointed as a Sustainability Council member for Positive Luxury (a company who's whole focus is Sustainability in the luxury industry).

He has also been working with the Great Ormond Street Hospital staff for the last 4 years to develop a programme for Mindfulness in the workplace

He also teaches techniques for self empowerment and self care. He feels that mental health is a modern day problem that can be dealt with through creating awareness of self and understanding of others. People sometimes just need the support, from their families, their workplace or organisations like charities that focus on creating support.

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 Hope Virgo

Mental Health


Hope Virgo is the Author of Stand Tall Little Girl, and an international leading advocate for people with eating disorders.

Hope helps young people and employers (including schools, hospitals and businesses) to deal with the rising tide of mental health issues which affect one in four people and costs employers between £33 and £42 billion annually.


She has been described by Richard Mitchell, CEO of Sherwood Forest Hospital, as "sharing a very powerful story with a huge impact.''


Hope is also a recognised media spokesperson, having appeared on various platforms including BBC Newsnight, Victoria Derbyshire, Good Morning Britain, Sky News and BBC News.For four years, Hope managed to keep it hidden, keeping dark secrets from friends and family.

But then, on 17th November 2007, Hope's world changed forever. She was admitted to a mental health hospital. Her skin was yellowing, her heart was failing. She was barely recognizable. Forced to leave her family and friends, the hospital became her home. Over the next year, at her lowest ebb, Hope faced the biggest challenge of her life. She had to find the courage to beat her anorexia

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Howard Napper

life coach and industry expert


With over 25 years of experience of teaching meditation and yoga, Howard Napper is one of the country’s most innovative and respected yoga teachers. Over the years, his work in the field of stress has made him one of the country’s most powerful voices not only within yoga but also within what has become known as “lifestyle medicine”.


In the 1980’s Howard had a successful career as model and his work with the Be Well Collective has been focused not only on the common mental health issues facing models, but also the unique stress and anxieties felt by many young people as they attempted to make their way into adulthood in such fast-changing and uncertain world.

Howard is the creator of Body Based Mindfulness, a best-selling author, a TEDx speaker, he has released 19 successful yoga DVD titles and has also been a regular contributor to many leading health magazines. He is also the founder and creative director of agoy an international yoga product company.

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Anna K

Life coach and Industry expert

Anna K Headshot.jpg

Architecture’s loss was modeling’s gain in the case of Anna Klevhag, a statuesque Swede who was headed to university to study the latter when she was unexpectedly drawn into fashion. A favourite of Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace, Anna K., as she is known professionally, enjoyed the jet-setting swirl of the late 1990s and early naughts. “It was a moveable feast, but I never knew I was severely ‘handicapped’ by what I now know was a strong ‘limiting belief’”, she notes. 


Having settled in the English countryside with her family, she took some time away from the industry, was divorced and remarried (thus acquiring a title—Anastasia, Lady Roborough), and found a new calling. Having gone on a personal journey of discovery and training, Klevhag, a certified coach, is now working both as a mannequin and pursuing her “passion project,” working as a life coach for models. “Coaching is powerful ” Klevhag says, “models need it so bad.” “It helps them get more productive, successful, fulfilled and confident.” Here, she shares her incredible adventures with Vogue.