Wellbeing Tips from the Be Well Collective Experts


As August is National Wellness Month, it got us thinking, “how do leading experts within the health and wellness industry look after their own wellbeing while being in charge of their clients?”

We caught up with the Be Well Collective experts to find out how they manage to lead their demanding lifestyles while still prioritising their own wellbeing, to see if we can learn some valuable tips from the experts and how these little changes can make such a meaningful impact to overall health.

Hope Virgo, metal health and eating disorder campaigner said for her, wellbeing is about managing herself mentally and physically, allowing herself to remain in a good headspace. “It is about being able to talk openly with those around me, without putting on a front and having to hide how I feel. It is about having the energy to do what I would like to do.”

Wellness as a whole incorporates not only physical but also mental health. Model and lifecoacth Anna K’s morning routine aims to target both by starting her day with a fresh lemon water and a trip to Barre 50, allowing herself to feel energised and connected. “Hyde Park is a brilliant way to gain some happy hormones running with my dog, Bean, and often a quick dip in the Serpentine when the weather is kind. The Library Gym has given me a fabulous meal plan that allows me to keep fit without those dreaded hunger pains. For mental strength I speak to my own life coach, fortnightly, and write in my 5 minute journal daily so I have complete awareness of my mind. This combination of mental and physical wellbeing is what has got me to where I am today and is allowing me to sustain this growth for the future.”

“To me Wellbeing is making sure you are in balance, Body, Mind and Spirit. Making sure the whole being, that is you, is nurtured and cared for.” Terrence the Teacher, mindfulness expert, aims to commit 100% to every moment that presents itself daily, accepting things as they are with no judgement.

“I continuously check in with my breath, just noticing if it is, fast or slow, deep or shallow and where in my body do i notice my breathing. It is such a good Mindful meditation to bring you into the present moment and help you reset yourself” explains Terrence.

For those short on time in the mornings and looking for an easy-to-incorporate method into their every day routine, Helen-Jane Ridgeway applies her simple "three level” check in.

“I spend a little time 'mindfully' noticing what is happening in my body, any tensions, patterns of energy etc.., then I check-in with how I am feeling emotionally, I then move to noticing how I am mentally e.g. am I worrying about something or having some negative thoughts about a situation or myself in some way - if I notice a negative thought process I will actively find a positive affirmation or something positive to focus on to counter some of these thoughts - this raises my personal awareness & capacity to respond to what I might need to support myself through the day.”

This check in method can be used over the course of a day and is a simple way to realign the mind and body, bringing a sense of calm and mindfulness to oneself. “Throughout the day I use the 'three level' check-in to maintain & develop my self awareness & support my capacity to respond to situations mindfully, rather than from a place of reactivity” explains Helen-Jane.

Throughout the remainder of August, see if you can apply these simple techniques to help bring balance to the mind and body.

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