Nutrition Workshop with Dietitian Renee McGregor

Renee Workshop.JPG

With the start of September, comes one of the busiest months in a models calendar with castings, shows, events and travel filling up a models schedule during fashion month.

During this time, good nutrition and a healthy balanced diet can often go out the window therefore, we teamed up with dietitian Renee McGregor to host our September workshop at Pho, St Pauls.

A leading sports and eating disorder specialist, Renee has over 20 years of experience working in clinical and performance nutrition.

Renee is the best-selling author of Training Food, Fast Fuel books and Orthorexia, When Healthy Eating Goes Bad. She is the co- founder of #TRAINBRAVE a campaign raising the awareness of eating disorders in sport and dance; providing resources and practical strategies to reduce the prevalence.

While the models tucked into Pho’s famous fresh summer roles, Renee covered the perceptions of what being “healthy” means and the factors that can often inhibit us from reaching this idea of optimal health.

Bringing her experience of working with professional dancers and athletes who, similar to models face the pressure to have a specific body type, Renee expertly discussed the importance of good nutrition and how a diet inadequate of energy and nutrients can have detrimental effects on ones energy levels, sleep, mood and hormone function.

“It's been really eye opening. I'm really glad I came to further my knowledge on how I should treat my body for mental space. It's good to know that I am not alone and I feel a sense of community with fellow models.”

Viva Model.