Breathpod Workshop

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It has been an incredibly rewarding week for the Be Well Collective!

The week successfully kicked off with our first in a series of new monthly workshops held to support London based models, hosted in the tranquil downstairs space at The London Edition.

Breathpod, specialists in breath work and teaching these skills, guided our guest from the British Fashion Council and 25 BFMA models through the skill of holotropic breathing.

The amazing team from Breathpod taught workshop guests how to create a “breathe cycle” using diaphragmatic breathing combined with a series of hands on acupressure points for a 45 minutes session.

Something so simple as breathing can often be underestimated yet the session enables you to connect with the body and mind like no other that we have before experienced, leaving a sense of “tingling” within the body and powerful sensation of “emotional release”.

“The power of breathe can be stronger than you think. You don't always need to speak about what's on your mind, breathing may be all you need to start your journey.”

Sarah Ann Macklin, Be Well Collective Founder

The majority of the models who attended the workshop are under 18, with many of them living abroad, away from their families and friends, combining their careers with full and part time education. With these responsibilities comes an immense amount of pressure which can often develop into issues such as stress and anxiety.

We are so thankful to be able to share the powerful Breathpod session, giving those who attended the opportunity to connect with their emotions and tap into thoughts and feelings allowing a release of pent up pressure and anxiety. For many models who attended, this was released physically through tears - an emotional process to witness!

“Thank you for the opportunity. I have tried many methods to make myself feel present and this way to breath is the only method which has worked. I tend to restrict my emotions which has lead me to develop anxiety. Breathpod has helped me channel my emotions and release my restriction, allowing me to feel energised and alert.”

Model, Established

“I found the Breathpod workshop so beneficial, especially for this time in my life. A safe space to let my emotions freely reveal themselves is rare in my hectic life, and this gave me a chance to release all those feelings.”

Model, Storm

The workshop also created a safe environment for models to come together to meet girls from different agencies in a non competitive setting, an opportunity which is rarely available in the industry. We hope to continue to provide this and create a Be Well Collective community of models, whereby all can benefit from the workshops and collectively work towards a healthier fashion industry.