Charlotte Reed

Author and MEntal health campaigner

Charlotte Reed.jpg

Charlotte Reed is an author and illustrator of two books, and a weekly cartoonist for The Evening Standard.


She is keen to share her story to help reduce stigma associated with mental ill health, and give other sufferers hope that recovery truly is possible.


In her twenties, Charlotte suffered from anorexia and bulimia which was followed by a debilitating 2 year period of depression and anxiety. During her depression she took great comfort in writing positive thoughts and illustrating them with funny cartoon characters. She has since turned her inspiring messages into her book May The Thoughts Be With You which is a global best-seller.

Charlotte has appeared on radio and TV shows like Newsnight and BBC News to speak about depression, as well as giving talks for the NHS, HSBC, Unilever, Goldman Sachs, AIG Insurance, law firms and private medical clinics, amongst many others.

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